Plasma Tweeter construction and repair

Transistor Ionophone

December 2020

No Tube ? no high voltage ? Yes it works......

I want always build a full transistor Ionophone. Of course Magnat build a full transistor plasma tweeter, but this tweeter was omnidirectional without horn. I like the horn version because it is easier to integrate it in a conventional speaker and the horn has really sound preassure.

I think this is the world first full transistor Ionophone.

I will make a PCB in near future for this. At the moment we are in christmas preparation and time is a rare thing.

Also my free Eagle Version only allow 80mm x 100mm PCB. This circuit will be larger so I have to switch to an other programm. I hate it because I have to learn new with the other programm and things will go slow.

Anyway in January 2021 I will try to create new PCB's and publish the details so that it will be availible for the DIY community.

In the meantime enjoy the little Video beside.

Bild in Lightbox öffnen (open image in lightbox). Prototype on the workbench
In the back you see the horn with the plasma cell and the loading coil. In front the transistor generator. The hole circuit run with single power 22V and 2 A. Compared to the Tube circuit it is safe.