Plasma Tweeter construction and repair

Old Web Site

Back in 1996 I started my own little site  with crappy looking .htm files hand written in notepad. I was mainly posting information about Plasma Speakers because this was and is my favorite. Also some DIY stuff was seen there.

Family grow up with two children and time for audio was a rare thing, I sold many of the gear while I focussed on other hobbies, family and work.

Now I am retiered and had to do something to kill all that spare time (laugh). So I had a closer look to my parts and boxes which had survived remembering the good old days of tube audio and Plasma Speakers.

In light of the new time, I want to add some information on my 20 year old  html files. Shortly I realized it is time to make a new site that has it's roots in the current century. To keep it short: here I am back again. Hopefully I wil keep the ball rolling and add some new projects for the DIY community with focus on enjoyment for these kind of wonderful speakers.

Nov. 2019

DIY Ionophone

November 2019

I did it ! The DIY Ionophone is ready...

Based on the old plan`s from the 50`s I built my own pair Ionophones. The are running now over 200 hours without any problem and sound fabulous.  How I did it and how to build your own you can read here...

My current HiFi setup

December 2019

The DIY Ionophones are now integrated in my Stereo system. They are placed on top of KEF Calinda speakers. The KEF tweeters are disabled and the Ionophones are connected to the KEF crossover as tweeters. This is a perfect match. The crossover frequency is 3800Hz.  The music stage is stable, you can hear every position of the instruments. With placing the tweeters back and forth you can easily find the position when the sound is clear. I am very pleased with this result.

Plasmatweeters "new look"

February 2020

I build a new pair of Plasmatweeters now with a more commercial look. Click on the picture for more information.



I will try to make a Magnat MP02 clone.

Electronics are based on the original circuit. The RF part is already working modulation has to be developed. I don't want to use the old STK hybrid for modulation because there are only chinese clones out there.

Today I have no glue how to make the wire mesh balls for the plasma cage...